ACS PY Program Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Professional Year in Computing / ICT?
The Professional Year (PYear) in Computing/ICT is a 44-52 week ‘job-readiness’ program introduced to assist former international students who have completed 2 years of study in Australia to obtain relevant workplace skills in their chosen occupation and effectively increase their employment skills and employability, and in turn helping to address Australia’s skill shortages in the ICT industry.
Is the Professional Year in Computing/ICT Program only open to computer science graduates?
No. ‘Computer Sciences’ is an umbrella term used to cover the many ICT streams open for study in accredited Australian university courses.
Are there other providers of the PYear in Computing/ICT Program?
The Australian Computer Society is the only provider gazetted by the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection to provide a Professional Year (PYear) in Computing/ICT for former international ICT in Australia.
Are there providers of professional year programs in other professional fields?
Yes, there are also Professional Year programs for both accounting and engineering streams. Please refer to Department of Immigration and Border Protection for further information.
Who can apply to do the ACS Professional Year Program?

The ACS Professional Year is a job-readiness program aimed at former international ICT students who have been issued a 485 Skilled Graduate Visa. Holders of a Student Visa or Bridging Visa A may also apply for entry into the Professional Year.

If you do not have a 485 Skilled Graduate Visa or a Bridging Visa A, please contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for further details.

Can Australian citizens who are graduates and permanent residents who are graduates also apply to do the Program?
Yes, but the Program is full fee paying and HECS does not apply.
Does completion of the ACS Program guarantee permanent residency?

No, but a person who successfully completes the ACS professional year may be awarded 5 points under the Skilled Occupation List.

Points can only be awarded for professional year courses that have been specified by the Minister. The ACS Professional Year in Computer Sciences is the only professional year program in ICT specified by the Minister.

Can I relocate to undertake the program?
Yes, the program is available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Canberra and Tasmania. Participants may elect to relocate to undertake the Program, but they do so at their own discretion and expense.
Does successful completion of the Program guarantee employment?
No. The aim of the program is to prepare recent ICT graduates with the professional skills required for a career in Australia. It does not guarantee job placement.
How is the Program structured?

The PYear Program is delivered between a minimum of 44 weeks and a maximum 52 weeks and includes the following elements:

• Orientation Program
• Australian Workplace Culture
• Professional and Business Communications Skills
• Internship
• Pre PE Assessment Workshop
• Professional Environments online subject.

Can I work while I complete the Program?
Please contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for all visa enquiries. The ACS does not provide migration advice.