English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS)

Why study English at NIT?

At NIT, we believe that education is not just academic success but holistic learning. We understand that learning does not just happen in classrooms and therefore, follow a dynamic approach to teaching using interactive individual and group activities, workshops, excursions and much more. Our small class sizes ensure the optimum learning environment.

Our trainers are carefully selected for their knowledge, passion and specialised experience. They have been teaching English as a Second Language for a number of years and have vast experience as well as remarkable academic achievements. Our trainers are compassionate and aware that every student is different, and their teaching style is flexible to adapt to the student’s individual needs.

What is our differential?

At NIT, we ensure that all our students have an enriching experience during their time in Perth. We support our students in learning, enjoying their life here and achieving best results. We offer our students exceptionally high standards of teaching providing excellent service and value for money. We also offer our students the opportunity to continue their studies with us in various other courses, related to Information Technology and Business.

Here is a glimpse of English courses we offer: