Chenyu Wang

Chenyu Wang - Professional Year

Trainers in NIT are very supportive and friendly. Most of them have very extensive industrial experience, therefore the knowledge they conveyed to us is not only about what have written in the training booklet but also the real stories or experience from their workplace. NIT provides very high-quality training content relevant to the industry, not to mention that some of NIT’s advisory board members and staff are from Australia Computer Society.

At the same time, NIT provides a great learning environment where students can get their answers quickly and be involved in active knowledge sharing among teachers and students. Staffs are very friendly and attentive to our questions and needs. Overall, NIT provided me with a rich and unique experience, it is not just another training institution, it is a place where we can truly develop our technical and soft skills and a place that allows me to have fun and grow together with other brilliant classmates as a team.