Conrado Pereira

Conrado Pereira

I have recently started studying for the Diploma of IT Networking at NIT Australia. I am currently studying the second term, digging into server virtualisation lessons.

So far, my experience at NIT has been great. The trainers are always helpful and spot on when responding to my questions in class, which I ask a lot since I really want to learn networking skills.

I was working as an uber eats delivery driver, but as I am studying ICT I really wanted to work in the field. In between deliveries, I would spend my time applying for all work opportunities on seek app, which matched my profile. As a positive result, I got accepted for one of the positions that I applied for and now I work as a digital marketing coordinator at a private Australian company in Perth.

My advice to all NIT students is to focus on their studies and finding yourself a job in the ICT field, so you can have the opportunity to complement your learning by experiencing the Australian job market. That is the reason why we are here: to acquire a new skill, learn through a hands-on approach and have a brighter career future.

Believe in yourself and make the most of your time in Australia.