Daniela Vasquez Alvarado

Daniela Vasquez Alvarado

I have a Bachelor Degree of Business Administration from Colombia, and I decided to study Information
Technology in Australia, because I truly believe that, as the world gets more and more connected, IT is
one the most in-demand careers in the world. Networks and computers are the centre of all
communication and I want to be part of this evolution.

It is no secret that we still have a very significant gender inequality in the world, but as a woman I think
that this should not be seen as a restriction, rather I prefer to use it as a motivation for me to pursue and
achieve my success. I want to participate in the fight for equality and contribute towards putting gender
stereotypes behind us.

One of the most negative disparities between women and men is the gender stereotypes related to
careers and professions. Our society has certain received ideas that professions like pilot and engineer are
male professions, whereas other professions such as flight attendant and secretary are female
professions. In my opinion, this is nowhere near correct. I am totally convinced that both genders are
capable to succeed in any type of profession. Success comes from passion and hard work, not

Since I started my study program at NIT, I have been developing very important and exciting new skills,
such as working with specific equipment and physical infrastructure of internet connections. Most
importantly, all trainers are very knowledgeable and talented, which has been making my experience
incredible and unique. I can’t wait to continue having new adventures in this place, learning as much as I
can. I am sure that I have all the necessary tools and passion to thrive in the IT field.

Within the next few years I see myself as an empowered woman with high professional traits. With my
Business Administration background and my Diploma in Information Technology, I believe that I will have
the full set of skills to be an excellent professional and achieve great things in the job market.
I invite all women to be part of our fight for gender equality. By pursuing our dreams, we help the world
to grow and evolve. Just like everything, the world also needs a feminine touch.