Md Taufiqur Rahman

Md Taufiqur Rahman

Recently I have successfully completed my “Diploma of Information Technology Networking” at NIT Australia with “Academic Excellence Performance” in all four terms. And, currently I am studying my “Advanced Diploma of Telecommunications Network Engineering” here.

NIT Australia has helped me a lot understanding many complex concepts with ease and helped me in my journey to become a better IT professional. My current goal is to successfully complete my “Advanced Diploma of Telecommunications Network Engineering” to become a “Telecommunication Network Planner” and get my skill assessment from “Engineers Australia” as like many other previous students.
And, I also like to work for reputable IT and Telecommunication companies in future to improve my skills and enhance my career.

When I started my course here, my situation was like a small fish in completely new water as the IT field was pretty much new to me and there was lot to learn. Specially, here in Australia we need to learn legislation, workplace and WHS policy together with the IT knowledge. But the trainers were very helpful and patient. They made the complicated concept clear to us. Also, the trainers were very highly skilled and had many years of real-world experience in the field. I had chances to observe and operate many equipment related to workplace which helped me understand the topics better.
The trainers had also provided us many valuable information about the latest trends in the market and motivated us to learn new things. As a result, I started learning programming as a hobby and successfully lunched my personal website.

Before coming to Australia, I was working onboard ships and I am from marine background. I was always fascinated about the computers and technologies from my childhood and always liked to play with them. I have got chances to use many latest and advanced technologies while working on my last profession, but I was not satisfied from inside because I could not understand them from the core, and I liked to design one of them on my own.
While taking my maritime degree last year I finally decided to switch my career and tried to find some course related to networking and telecommunication. Because I thought it would be easier for me as I have already worked as a GMDSS Radio Operator. After doing a lot of research I found “NIT Australia” and I am really happy that I made that decision.

The IT and Telecommunication sector is a massive and there is a lot of opportunities as well as lot to learn. I will continue my journey in the never-ending pursuit of knowledge to be a better version of myself. And I like to thank “NIT Australia” for providing me the valuable knowledge and help me to reach my career goals.
As for the future students I will strongly recommend studying at “NIT Australia” to enhance their IT skills and to make themselves prepared for a better future.