NIT Australia Finalist in 25th Annual WAITTA INCITE Awards 2016


NIT Australia’s Training Management System (TMS) has been nominated for ‘Most Effective Platform’ in this year’s WAITTA Awards.

This is NIT Australia’s first entry and it is a considerable achievement to be recognised as a WAITTA INCITE Awards finalist.

The TMS offers an innovative solution to education and training institutes that eliminates system complexity, enhances business capability, and improves service efficiencies to the organisation’s stakeholders.

Developed in-house, this unique multi-functional platform is designed to enable organisations the ability to respond swiftly to today’s dynamic education environment.

Principle Executive Officer at NIT Australia, Hari Sethi initiated the TMS project as he found there was a lack of a reliable and agile single training management system in the VET education sector.

Together with his team of business and system analysts, the TMS was built around the needs of a private training organisation. Students, staff and partners have benefited from the increased transparency, efficiency, data integrity and user-friendly interface provided by the TMS.

At NIT Australia, we are deeply committed in enhancing our students’ and stakeholders’ experiences through our passion for technology and education. This is strongly reflected in what we do within and outside of our institute.

WAITTA Finalist - Most Effective Platform - NIT Australia