Online Application
  1. Apply: Complete application form and submit all required documents.
  1. Admission assessment:
    • NIT will assess the application to check if the applicant meets the entry requirements.
    • An interview with the applicant via Skype or Google Hangout (for offshore applicants) or face to face (for onshore applicants) may be requested to verify applicant’s suitability for the applied course.
    • Depending on the applicant’s country of origin, NIT may request the applicant to provide a statement of purpose and certified documents to demonstrate financial capability to study and live in Australia. See Financial Requirements Form.

  1. Receive your Offer: Successful applicant will be issued a Letter of Offer with terms and conditions of offer and details of fee payment options.
  1. Accept your Offer: The applicant must read the Letter of Offer carefully to make sure all details are correct. To accept the offer, the applicant must submit a signed copy of the offer acceptance, deposit initial fees (You must not deposit fees before accepting the offer).
  1. Receive your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE): Upon receipt of fees, NIT will issue you CoE directly or via an education agency. You’ll need to apply for your student visa after receiving your CoE. Contact your education agent or Australian Embassy/High Commission to find out more about the visa application process.