NIT Australia to offer ACS Professional Year Program


The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is a professional association of Information and Communications Technology professionals operating since 1967. With an aim to promote Australia’s Information Communications Technology (ICT) sector, ACS offers a Professional Year Program to international students who have successfully completed a degree in ICT courses (IT, IS, Computer Science & etc.) from any accredited Australian higher education provider. NIT Australia has now signed a partnership agreement with ACS to provide the ICT Professional Year Program in Perth.

The ACS Professional Year Program provides an additional pathway to employment within Australia by providing all the required skills needed to enter the Australian IT work force. This 44 to 52 week long program is designed to provide job-readiness and hands on experience to the international students.

The program also helps the students from various parts of the world to experience the Australian workplace culture so that they get well acquainted with the workflow of Australian IT industry. Furthermore, the internship provided during the course helps build self-confidence and gain practical knowledge of the field.

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Benefits of ACS Professional Year Program with NIT Australia:

1. 5 migration points towards permanent residency.

2. Job and interview assistance on completion of the program.

3. Development of adequate professional communication skills.

4. A thorough understanding of Australian work culture.

5. Multiplies the chances of employment in ICT sector.

6. Helps greatly in building professional networks.

7. Awards a Professional Year certificate.

8. Free membership of ACS for 12 months. See membership benefits here : https://www.acs.org.au/become-a-member/students

9. Twelve week industry internship with real on-the-job experience.

10. Leaves an impressive mark on resume.


NIT Australia’s unique approach for Professional Year Program in ICT:

1. At NIT Australia we limit the class size up to 10 students so that individual attention can be provided to each & every student.

2. NIT Australia provides experienced trainers who hail specifically from ICT backgrounds.

3. Not only we conduct regular group discussion sessions, but we also allocate mentors to students on one-to-one basis.

4. We have excellent infrastructure & facilities for students which include simulated business environment rooms.

5. NIT Australia holds strong relationships with multiple business houses & companies, which provides the chances of better internship opportunities.

6. To better equip our students for the IT industry, we also provide a professional resume building assistance.