Short Courses

Short Courses Perth

NIT offers short courses in Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and IT Management. In many cases the courses can be customized to an organisation’s individual needs and requirements. These courses can then be delivered at their workplace or at NIT campus itself.

Short courses give you an opportunity to update your skills in a short duration of time. Duration of these courses could be one day, one month or even an year in some cases. Short courses are a great way to quickly build upon your qualifications and help gain more skill set which opens new career opportunities apart from adding a new certification on your resume.

Technologies change very fast and one has to be up-to-date with the latest trend in the market. One has to become a jack-of-all-trades. So instead of spending a time studying degrees and higher qualifications, short courses upgrades your skill set in only a fraction of the time. Both technical and management skills are and will continue to remain in demand in the coming years. Which is why NIT offers a number of different short courses in Perth which can enhance your skills and make you competent in areas which are high in demand.